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v 0.1 :: Devlog at TIGS

How to play

Recollex (working title) is a puzzle / timespace exploration game. A certain series of events is happening on stage, with participations of actors. As a player, you can:

  • rewind time forwards and backwards, frame by frame
  • freeze some actors to change the course of events

The story describes a set of specific moments (stages) from a life of an old man. The stages are linked together with a rigid network. To traverse between stages, a common link has to be activated by triggering a specific actions. A link forward is activated by changing a future destiny of a character, a link backward is activated by a recalling a memory.

For each stage, there might be multiple forward and backward links, however only one of them can be active at the moment.

Hints - walkthrough

  • screen #1: old man - tap the cat, seek forward to get glasses (without letting the cat brake them), read a photo album, remember a girl. This unlocks a link to the past. Rewind all the way back.
  • screen #2: classroom - tap the bird until the moment a boy looks outside with a letter in mind, then unfreeze it. Boy throws a paper airplane with a loveletter. A) let the girl in purple dress read it - unlocks future screen #3 b) freeze the girl in blue dress to let her stay a little longer, then unfreeze her to read a letter - unlocks future screen #4
  • screen #3: country - nothing to do here, except rewind back.
  • screen #4: city - nothing to do here, except rewind back.