Space Candy

Space Candy

Date: 06/2013

Space Candy is a colorful planetary physics puzzle. Find the right position and angle for each planet to collect all the candy stars. Based on real gravitational physics. Comes in three difficulty levels, levels are built randomly – ENDLESS GAMEPLAY! The game is a wrap-up of my late 2012 prototype.


- MOUSE – drag & drop the planets / canvas

- SPACE – pause / play


GOAL – every planet must collect all the candy stars of its own color

MODES – you start in the build mode (reposition, rotate the planets) then test it by hitting the Play button. If the goals is reached, you proceed to the next level. Otherwise you can pause it again, reconfigure your planetary setup and try again, until you reach the perfect planetary balance.

GETTING SPACE CANDY – upon collecting 8 or more candy stars in level, you’ll receive a Space Candy – a handy collectible that is persistently stored for future use

USING SPACE CANDY – click the upper-left corner icon of a Space Candy to receive a hint – the active planet will be moved to the sweet spot and rotated just right to collect all its candy stars

Where can I play the game?

Nowhere, never finished :/