Shoulders [prototype]


Tools: FlashDevelop + Flixel, sfxr, musagi, GIMP

Date: 12/2009

The main game mechanic is to live and survive in order to preserve future generations.

Plot: there is a unique species that consists of a single individual. There are no creatures of the same species. During its life, the creature lays exactly one egg, then it dies. From the egg, exactly one creature is born again – thus the continuity. But to lay the egg, creature needs to have a strong gene pool. Gene pool quality is improved by consuming special flowers. When the actual gene pool is poor and creature dies without laying an egg, the species is over. To get more flowers, creatures can either move along and find fresh pastures or catch seeds and plant them to grow more flowers.

I put the game on Flixel forums and TIG (see how I’ve measured player progress) and some nice ideas came up.