Utterly Sorrowful AMV [Šíleně smutné AMV]

Audio: Jan Hammer - Znám jednu krásnou princeznu, Miluju a maluju

Video: Princess Tutu, original 3D animation

Date: 05/2008

Links: amv.jarnik.com, AMV.org

Awards: 1st in AMV Editing Contest, AnimefestCZ 2008


Since I started editing about 6 years ago, I've been aiming to produce videos using purely open source / legal tools. My goal was to prove that everyone is capable of creating amazing things given right tools.

Later I found out that not even expensive tools are always a key to the victory. After all, tools are just tools, the most important is the hand and the mind that guides it.

Even though I did not succeed in creating an AMV using genuinely open-source tools (SONY Vegas Video is hardly an open source), I discovered Blender to be quite a handy companion.


The video has been edited and put together in Vegas Video. Some parts are 3D scenes rendered in Blender 3D - the opening book, transition from book to painting easel, books with moving pictures and closing book.

To emphasize the intended fairy-tale atmosphere, I created a story book model using Blender. The fairy-tale book is a central element in the video, it opens and closes the story.

To create the effect of book pictures coming alive, I imported short clips to Blender as an animated texture, rendered the scene and put it together in Vegas.


The video contains puns on paintings by Andy Warhol, Rembrandt, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Dalí and van Gogh.