LD15: Kavern Keeper

Name: Kavern Keeper
Tools: FlashDevelop + Flixel, sfxr, musagi, Gimp, OpenCanvas
Date: 09/2009
Links: LudumDare, Timelapse video

Ludum Dare is a game making event that is about “1 man (or woman), 1 PC (or Mac…) and 1 weekend… You don’t get to bring in anything. It’s about this weekend – what can you accomplish in 48 hours” (LD #15 Keynote Address).

I took part in Ludum Dare #15, the theme was simply Caverns. In about 30 hours, I’ve created the game that you can see up there. It was my first time participating in a compo (fan-based game making competition) and I really enjoyed it :) You can check out my compo journal.