Space Station FUTURAMA


Name: Space Station FUTURAMA Date: 2001-2003 Links:  SSFuturama

In 2001, I launched Space Station FUTURAMA (SSF) – one of the first Czech websites dedicated to Matt Groening’s Futurama. Even though the czech fan-base was quite small, the website was fully translated in English and Czech.

Gathering the team

I started by myself, later teaming up with a co-webmasters from US and UK and eventually from Czech Republic. During the 8 years, 10 people have been helping with SSF. The SSF was not actually my first Futurama website. The first one was FOOD-O-RAMA (now closed), dedicated to food in Futurama. I ran out of ideas soon, so I started creating 88×31 icons for other Futurama sites. Later I specialized on Flash intros which brought me to Flash animations and games.


Flash games were the biggest hit on the SSF at the time. I made 15 of them, both Czech/English version included. Some of my favorites are: I also made a javascript version of Futurama Who Wants To Be a Millionare.

Leaving the SSF

Two years later (late 2002) I handed the SSF over to the devoted co-webmasters and left. My interest in Futurama had been slipping, mainly because of new sources of inspirations that I discovered in anime.