LD31: Admin vs BFU


Name: Admin vs BFU Date: 12/2014 Tools: OpenFL / HaXe, GIMP, Audacity Team: BEM (programming), mike (programming), @jarnik (graphics), @VojtechOutulny (design, sound)

Frankie is a common IT guy, he just cares about his lovely PCs and servers. He feels that work as admin must be like live in heaven except one moment… There are days when creatures from hell, usually called BFU, are trying to use his loved PCs and spread virus among them or damage them like dirty mouse wheel. But there is one thing which makes his day, slapping the BFUs. So, welcome in IT department simulator!

Frankie, the network admin guy, controls, repairs or scan nearby PCs and servers by using shell commands or performing special admin actions, for example sacrificing goat. Admin runs between his office and computers to fix all the problems caused by the users. The computers are connected via network to server which can be seen in the computer network map. If computer is infected then virus can also spread to the connected server through which other computers can be infect later in the network.

To win just survive for given time limit and at least one user has to stay. But to lose is pretty simple – just piss off all users, so all of them will leave.


  • arrow keys – admin movement
  • “bump” to PC or server – connect with PC or server to fix it
  • Type letters – enter shell command to fix PCs and servers
  • Enter – send shell command
  • Left CTRL, Command – show map

The game was created in less than 48 hours for Ludum Dare 31, the theme was: “Entire Game on One Screen“.

The game scored #48 in Innovation category, #59 in Theme and had pretty good score in other categories, out of 1200+ games submitted to the Jam category.