GAM #3 – Diet Launch

[ One Game A Month 2013 ] [ DarkSideJam ]

Name: Diet Launch Tools: vim, haXe NME, GIMP, haXeFlixel Date: 03/2013

Multi-stage rocket launching simulator. Launch vegetable and rockets into space. Because it is hard!


  • UP / DOWN – control engine power
  • SPACE – drop stage


Your goal is to launch the rocket along the trajectory by tuning the engine power and dropping stages at precisely timed moments. Features:
  • 3 stage rocket
  • real NASA audio recordings
  • hidden rocket skins – vegetables and Pacman ghosts (finish game to unlock)
  • fake (but not-so-bad-looking) physics
Stay tuned on @jarnik for future updates.

The Idea

As an avid fan of game jams and space exploration in general, participation in the DarkSideJam was a must for me. As I could not attend any registered jam site, I took it as a personal challenge.

The Result

The idea was quite simple, turned out more fun than expected, but was not so easy to implement, as usual. My work-in-progress SVG-importing library FaXe came to rescue in the last minute, so I could put together quite fancy GUI.