GAM #2 – Snatchers of Justice

[ One Game A Month 2013 ]

Name: Snatchers of Justice Tools: vim, haXe NME, GIMP, haXeFlixel Date: 02/2013 Team: @jarnik (design, code, graphics, sfx), @Lusi_cz (music, sfx)

A tactical turn-based sneaking action – lead a team of professional thieves who fight for the sake of justice!


  • ARROW KEYS – movement,
  • SPACE – switch character
  • R – restart level (when knpcked out)
  • N – next level (when bored)
  • +/-/0 – volume controls


See commented gameplay: You are in controls of a multiple characters. Your goal is to get all your team members to the top of the screen and then back again without being spotted by guards. Features:
  • 5 different characters, each with 2 specific skills
  • 1 tutorial level for each character
  • guitar + bodily sounds soundtrack
  • seed-based procedural mission generator => endless content
Stay tuned on @jarnik for future updates.

The Idea

I am a fan of Metal Gear Solid. I am a fan of turn-based tactical games. I like procedural generation. I was looking for a way to mash up these ideas.

The Result

In the current state, the game is not as fun as I’d hoped it to be. It needs a lot of playtesting and tuning all the character skills to make it more challenging and interesting. I believe there is a potential for some solid fun, so I hope to get back to it sometimes.