PostLD25: Goatzilla vs Nuclear War

Name: Goatzila vs. Nuclear War Tools: vim, haXe, GIMP Date: 12/2012 Links:

This game was made for LD25. During the LD weekend, I had a little time to spare, so I did not finish in to time submit the game to Ludum Dare. Nevertheless, I decided to finish the game a few days afterwards. The theme was “You are the Villain” with a side-theme “Goats”. The story: nuclear war is raging, goatzilla appears. Various nations are firing missiles at each other, while still building and improving their settlements. As a goatzilla, you have three options:
  • let the humanity perish (stomp all the houses)
  • force the humanity to unite, then let them destroy you (stomp near houses to make them shift sides and unite)
  • get killed early, keeping the nations separated