MiniLD 34: Sneaky Trio

Name: Sneaky Trio Tools: vim, haXe, GIMP, sfxr, atrk Date: 05/2012 Team: @jarnik (code, sfx), Yuffie (design, gfx) Links:, Ludum Dare,

This game was created in less than 48 hours during Mini Ludum Dare #34 for a jam – the theme was “Aspect“. From various given resolutions ( 18×64, 128×128, 1024x128x 4096×4096, 8x8x8… ), we’ve chosen 1024×128. A team of professional thieves – Dino ( camouflage expert ), Fox (lockpick specialist) and Robot (explosives ace) are at your service to perform a perfect theft. You are in charge of three different thief characters, each having a different field of expertise (camouflage, lockpicking, explosives). Your goal is to traverse 4 levels without getting caught by guards, get a hold of a treasure chest and then backtrack through all the levels to the beginning. Controls: LEFT / RIGHT – walk, UP / DOWN – switch character