LD23: Minilization


Name: Minilization Tools: vim, haXe, GIMP, sfxr Date: 04/2012 Team: @jarnik (code, sfx), @PetrAugustin (design, gfx, music) Links: http://www.jarnik.com/pub/ld23/v14, Ludum DareFree Indie Games

This game was created in less than 48 hours during Ludum Dare #23 (10 year anniversary) for a jam – the theme was “Tiny World“. The game ranked #28 of 330 games in Overall, #26 in Mood and #49 in Innovation category. In several generations, your world will die. Choose your own path – use your science or religion to find a way to escape the Cataclysm. In a mix of a roguelike and a turn-based strategy, it’s your destiny to guide a single lineage of man in gathering resources, developing cities and researching new technologies. As the size of your world is limited, you have to plan your development thoughtfully. This is has been my first gamejam collab and it went really great! Though we’ve been working from remote locations, communicating only through Skype, we managed to sync our work quite nicely. After coming up with 6 different ideas, we’ve decided to work on one of @PetrAugustin’s ideas – “Life of a man” (working title at that time). Having someone to take care of the graphics and focusing just on code and mechanics had lifted a great deal of pressure off me.