On The Shoulders Of Ancestors

Every time you die, you are getting one step closer to your destiny.
As a young scientist, it’s your job to train Lemonites – a genetically engineered race of creatures with a unique life cycle. But who knows what adventures await them aboard the interstellar probe… Aim upwards to reach the exit and progress to next level. And if you can’t get any higher, just leave it to your successors – your dead carcass will serve as a stepping stone to get to the upper platforms.
PLAY DEMO: Try out 9 levels of 23!

Scientific nut-kick to the nature!

  • 23 levels in 3 chapters
  • unique life cycle mechanics
  • retro-styled pixel graphics
  • compelling storyline
  • you succeed, you get a cake – no lies!

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Dear diary! I’m so excited! Our research institute has got a new assignment from space agency and I have persuaded others to use Lemonites! You see, Lemonite is that cute genetically engineered creatures with a unique life cycle – without any external fertilization, it can lay exactly one egg, then it dies. From the egg, a new Lemonite is born. Therefore, as long as its gene pool is strong enough, a single specimen can survive for quite a long time by a constant rebirth through its descendants. It’s my job to train Lemonites and provide feedback for further changes of their genetic code, serving to the ultimate purpose – develop a creature fit to be a crew of a long-flight interstellar probe (or that’s what the space agency says). Your Catherine Glover, chief development assistant, GRAPE genetic research PS: I just hope nothing happens to that Lemonite cutie aboard that stupid probe…

Development Background

The game is based on my 2009 prototype. I have decided to rework it in a substantial way: instead of overcoming horizontal obstacles and progressing sideways, I’ve changed the game to be a vertical climber, which suits the theme of corpse-climbing much better. The game was built using my all-time-favourite Flixel engine.


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