GGJ2012: Horoloboss


Name: Horoloboss Tools: vi, haXe, GIMP Date: 01/2012 Links:

This game was created in less than 10 hours during Global Game Jam 2012. As an organizer of Game Jam Prague 2012, I took on a night shift to watch over GJP participants. Together with a fellow staff volunteer, we’ve decided to join the surrounding creativity rush and make a game. I came with a basic idea, he put in some more, then I sat there for 7+ hours and made it happen. A simple two-button puzzle game featuring multiple rotating circles, focused on the GGJ2012 theme: Ouroboros. Horoloboss: “Roll it, like a boss!” The name of the game is a combination of the words “horology” (the snakes resembling a clock) and “boss” (you don’t want to roll it like a looser, obviously).