MiniLD 31: Night Walk

Name: Night Walk Tools: vi, haXe, Flixel, sfxr, autotrack-c, GIMP Date: 01/2012 Links: LudumDare

This game was created in less than 6 hours during Mini Ludum Dare #31. A simple one-button game with focus on atmosphere. “I have been jogging in a park, while sudden darkness creeped in…” I have never participated in a Mini LD and wanted to give it a try, besides the theme seemed quite intriguing. Instead of the whole weekend, I have dedicated just around 6 hours to this Mini LD. I have completed all three of my personal goals: make a game in haXe, create sound effects from recordings and complete the prototype. The game has 4 stages and is controlled just by the SPACEBAR. I have thoroughly enjoyed making monster sounds.