LD22: Super Animal Friendship Club

Name: Super Animal Friendship Club Tools: vi, mxmlc, Flixel, sfxr, autotrack-c, GIMP Date: 12/2011 Links: LudumDare, Timelapse video

This game was created in less than 6 hours during Ludum Dare #22 and ranked #8 in Innovation category and #26 Overall of 891 games.

Animals are alone and sad. Hook them up with friends to make them happy. Each animal has different temper and prefers the same temper in their friends. Different tempers may cause bad mood. Some animals need more friends than the others. Let’s make a super animal friendship club, where everyone is happy!

I could spare only a few hours for this LD. I have read the theme on Saturday morning, thought about the rules and gameplay a lot, then sat down on Sunday afternoon and worked for 5 hours. And that’s it. The game was done. Yay!