LD20: Clone Wolf

Name: Clone Wolf Tools: vi, mxmlc, Flixel, sfxr, autotrack-c, Gimp Date: 04/2011 Links: LudumDare, Timelapse video

This game was createdin less than 48 hours during Ludum Dare #20. EDIT: There’s a full version now, with huge bosses, funny storyline and all! CONTROLS: LEFT / RIGHT – walk SPACE – jump X – clone Z – attack According to the LD20 theme, “It’s dangerous to go alone!”, therefore our hero gets a special magic item from a village elder. Upon using the item, the copy of the hero appears. The funny part is, that the magic item itself is copied, as well. This way you can make your copies in an exponential manner. The maximum limit of hero copies is 64, there are 9 levels (procedurally generated).